feminist art

Girl Power

Girl Power inspired illustration series in mixed media watercolour, pen and digital colouring.

Rooftops of Paris

Detailed pen drawings of Paris rooftops using a between a 0.05 – 0.3 nib ink pen.

Nordic Cities

Detailed drawings of Nordic Cities for an editorial series. Drawn with a fine line 0.05 pen in miniature scale. Cities include Stockholm, Reykjavik, Helsinki and Oslo.

Music Festival Crowd

Music Crowd

Detailed drawing using a 0.05 pen to draw a fictional music festival crowd by researching real photographs of music crowds around the world and compiling the images together where drawings must continue into each other. Drawn over a month onto 300g A1 paper.

fashion illustration drawn by hand


Pen and Ink illustrations coloured with crayon and Photoshop

Architecture Map

Architecture map covering the area known as ‘Nappy Valley’ between Clapham and Wandsworth Common. Drawn directly in pen (0.1) with no room for error the detailed buildings and architectural elements are laid out in the correct geographic location. This was made possible as it being one of only a few areas in London that has residential streets in a grid formation.